Our Programs

We provide safe, affordable, and supportive transitional housing services for an estimated 100 residents:

including seniors, immigrants, families in housing crisis, those leaving incarceration and those exiting homelessness. Ithaka has been housing low-income members of our community for 40 years. We are committed to providing support and community to all our residents so that they can achieve a self-determined vision for their own lives.

How we do it.


  • From homelessness.
  • From unsafe housing.
  • From incarceration.


  • Provide safe, stable, and affordable housing.

Case Management

  • Build supportive relationship with Case Manager.
  • Identify Goals.
  • Connect to Resources.


  • Build supportive relationships with other residents.
  • Share in community events.


  • Improved health and wellness.
  • Improved income through wages or benefits.
  • Improved financial stability.
  • Secure permanent housing.

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